Strategies for Dealing with Judgmental Colleagues

Strategies for Dealing with Judgmental Colleagues

Have you ever experienced crossing with someone who sucked the mood out of your workday? Have you encountered a supervisor or a co-worker that judged you negatively? If so, do not mind them. Although they twist the knife into your confidence, think that you are better than them.

If you want to avoid the unhappy riptide that they create, give these strategies a try.

  • Accept what is true

Have you made blunders? Of course, you have because how can you go beyond your boundaries without gaffes? Unluckily, when you work with people who are good at judging, they only focus on your misstep and make you feel bad. Despite your success, they will always find a way to belittle you.

When you always receive harsh criticisms, take what they notice into account. Never forget to admit all your errors. Self-acceptance totally powers growth.

  • Never collude

You free yourself from the spider web that judgmental people spin when you never take it personally. Those who hypercriticize you and others aim for the low blow. Stop giving people’s disapproval so much weight. The moment you take their negativity seriously, you collude with them, affecting the positive version of yourself.

  • Keep distance

Does someone spread a rumor about you? Does a person judge you at once? Whatever the case may be, keep your distance from them. Never spend time with those people. Find a group of individuals who will not drag you down instead. You will never feel little.

  • Stay joyful

Judgmental people cannot rain on your parade when it thrills you. The number one antidote to put an end to hypercriticism is joy. Look around and see. You will appreciate others you work with. No matter how hard to fight against criticisms, try your best. Focus on the positive side of your life. Never give them attention.

Indeed those who judge you are the people who lack skills, attention, and love. Do not allow them to ruin your life. Be happy despite what you hear.


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