Learning the Value of Respect

Learning the Value of Respect

Everything has a purpose in this world. All the creations made by God has its purpose – even you. Do you know the purpose of your existence? Well, it is living a life that God wants you to live.

Respect should be earned and not forced. It is earned through doing good deeds to other people and yourself. One should not demand respect but deserve it. Respect refers to the dignity of a person. Respect begets respect. So, when you respect other people, they will also respect you in return. Here’s how to learn the value of respect.

It starts with you

Do you respect yourself? Respecting yourself means defining and giving own worth and values as a human being. If you don’t respect yourself, no one will dare to respect you as well. Therefore, it all begins with self-respect.

Respect for Others

When you respect others. You give value to them. Plus, you can make someone feel good by giving them respect since it is something that they deserve. One of the great ways to respect people is through listening to them. Respect is when you let others express their opinion. Respect comes in a variety of forms. So, be knowledgeable enough to understand things.

Understand the values of Good Manners

Exercising good manners will make you feel good about yourself, and in return, others will show respect for your good manners and proper conduct. You need to emulate those who are good and ignore those bad influences.

Self-respect I the very basic of the total value of respect. When you respect yourself, others will admire you for being a good person. Respect is man’s most notable sentiments. Remember that respect is always earned – not given. Before giving the respect for others, make sure that the person is worthy of the honor.


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