Laughter as a Cheap Medicine

Laughter as a Cheap Medicine

Sure, it is always fun to share laughter with your friends and family. But did you know that laughing improve your health? It is true: laughter is an effective medicine. It draws people closer together and triggers healthy emotional and physical changes.

As children, you used to laugh hundreds of times each day, but as adults, life tends to be more serious, and laughter is frequently done. By searching for more opportunities for laughter and humor, you can improve your emotional health, find greater happiness and strengthen your relationship. Aside from that, it also adds years to your life.

Why is laughter the sweetest medicine for your body and mind? Here’s why:

Good for your Health

A hearty laugh relieves physical stress and tension, leaving your muscles relaxed for a couple of minutes. It also decreases the stress hormones and increases the immune cells. It also improves the body’s resistance to disease. Laughter improves the function of the blood vessels which help protect you against cardiovascular problems and heart attack. It also lightens anger’s heavy load.

Stay mentally healthy

There is no doubt that laughter makes you feel good and stay good. Humor helps you keep an optimistic look and deal wisely with any loss, disappointments and difficult situations. Aside from being a respite to sadness, laughter provides you with the courage to find new sources of hope and meaning into your life. Since laughter is contagious, by hearing someone laughing, it primes your brain that you need to join and smile as well.

Strengthens Relationships

Laughter doesn’t just come through jokes. By simply spending time with someone will make you laugh. The social aspect of your life is the one responsible for the health benefits of laughter. When you care about someone, you are engaging in a process which embraces stronger relationship. If you opt to share laughter, you will be more positive and feel happier.

Laughter is the best medicine. So, start laughing by simply finding and doing the things that make you happy. Feel free to smile and laugh for it is free!


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