It Is Good to be Blessed, But It Is Great to be a Blessing to Others

It Is Good to be Blessed, But It Is Great to be a Blessing to Others

Be a blessing to other people by sharing no matter what less you have. Simple things are valued as long as it’s done with a whole heart. Each day, people ask for good things to happen without looking that others are suffering. Talking about the situation won’t help unless you do something to make a change.

Following are some reasons why you may want to ignite the desire to give:

  • Giving helps other people

If you are blessed with the means to live a comfortable way, you have the freedom to give. The world outside could be a dark place, and those people who have nothing or less depend on the loving-kindness or generosity of people with a giving soul. If you give to those less fortunate, you not just add to their lives, but you’re adding to theirs.

  • Giving teach responsibility

If you give, you may need to make your sacrifices. If you have the urge to donate to a desperate cause irrespective of your financial standing, you learn how to do with no certain things so you can donate.

  • Giving creates a difference

No matter how little or much you can donate, you have the power to touch the lives of others, and you can influence them in ways you might never be aware of. It is simple to be cynical these days and to think that the help you can provide is negligible. However, it takes a small gesture of kindness to transform someone else’s life.

No matter what you decide to offer, know that a pure soul and a generous heart can be your path to true happiness. We live in a world where not everybody is as fortunate as their neighbor.


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