Give Yourself In to the Pain, Cry It All Out Now!

Give Yourself In to the Pain, Cry It All Out Now!

Different situations can yield different emotions. When there’s a humorous circumstance, we laugh. When someone makes us happy, we smile. When we are hurt, we cry and sometimes feel angry. You are bound to face any situation in any life setting every day.

Our happiness today will be different on the next, as tomorrow is going to be another day to celebrate life. But unfortunately, life is not all about celebration and happiness. No matter how hard we try, sadness, heartache, and mourning will come our way. They can tear our heart apart and make us cry. Why we have to experience all these? Simple, because we are human! It’s normal, anyway.

Though there’s nothing we can do to stop all the emotional-trigging situations, we have one thing left to do to ease the pain somehow – to cry it all out. Tears are created to help us somehow lessen loads of pain inside us. Pain can come out along with tears, so when you feel like it is the best time to cry, do it.

The loss of someone you love, the failure to get the job you dream of, being rejected by love, or a hard time to get money are just few that gives us a heavy emotion. Cry it all out, or else it will burst inside. Pain is toxic that once left untreated; it will make you crazy. Crying is your best gateway to release all the tension inside.

Nobody can help you ease the pain you feel, not even your friends who tell you to stop crying and advising you that everything is fine. Nothing is fine, in fact, when you feel hurt. Cry it all out now – that’s the best way to do. Cry it all today; there is more to laugh tomorrow!


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