Embracing Imperfections

Embracing Imperfections

All people, may it be male or female has their imperfections. However, not all of us accept the fact that we are all living in an imperfect world. The secret of being the best of yourself?

There are no real secrets for being the best version of yourself, but one thing is sure – when you embrace all your imperfections, you can be proud of yourself. Don’t be one of that perfectionist as they have been associated with depression, anxiety, self-harm, and insomnia. To avoid this, stop focusing on perfection and embrace the real you.

Here are ways on how to embrace imperfections:

Be mindful

The next time you fail or get rejected, don’t blame yourself. Instead, be aware of the situation. Try to observe, without any judgment. Focus on the moments where you can gain insights and begin to embrace it.

Work toward acceptance

If you did your best and you think it is not still enough, then it is time to start accepting things. As humans, we all have imperfections. Accepting your imperfections is important in rebuilding yourself and gaining back your strength.

Seek Help

If you think you are not good at solving geometry, accept it. Then, consider seeking help from someone knowledgeable about the subject. Don’t feel blue as there are people who are also like you. Seeking help will allow you to learn new things and improve your ideas.

“Did I do my best?”

Ask this to yourself, “did I do my best.” Take some time to appreciate your effort and give yourself time to accept and do better next time. You need to accept the fact that not everything in this world is in your hands. As long as you did your best, you don’t have to regret.

So, the next time to bump into something stressful, practice letting go and accept it. Start embracing your imperfections by knowing yourself and perfectly accepting all your imperfections.


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